The Best-Kept Secrets About Laser Hair Removal That You Need to Know

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Laser hair removal is a popular aesthetic treatment that allows women (and men!) to achieve smoother, softer skin without waxing, shaving or painful tweezing. But all is not what it seems when it comes to laser hair removal. Here are the best-kept secrets in the industry, so you can decide if laser hair removal is right for you.

Not All of Your Hair Will Be Removed

Laser hair removal gets rid of about 85%–90% of hair in a particular area. While most people are satisfied with the amount of hair removed and no longer need to shave or wax that area, the truth is that the only treatment that rids an area of all hair permanently is electrolysis. Electrolysis might be a viable option for facial hair or eyebrows; however, it’s expensive and tedious for larger areas of the body. 

More Than One Treatment Is Required

It takes about four to six treatments of laser hair removal before half of the hair in an area of the body is gone. While you may see improvement after the first treatment or two, you won’t notice the biggest difference until you’ve been to a few appointments. 

Laser Hair Removal Does Require Maintenance

Laser hair removal is an excellent option for larger areas of the body; however, maintenance is required. Most laser hair removal advertisements don’t discuss the fact that maintenance is needed, but it’s a reality. Not to worry though. Maintenance treatments are infrequent and usually only require the laser to be used in a few small areas.

Not Everyone Is a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal

Unfortunately, laser hair removal will not work for everyone. Patients with light skin and dark hair have the best results with laser hair removal, while patients with dark skin or light hair will not see marked results. This is simply because the laser needs a chromophore to respond to, which light hair lacks. However, new treatments are constantly being developed and tested, so it’s not unlikely that technology will evolve to allow individuals with dark skin or light hair to also receive laser hair removal treatments.

Alexandrite Lasers Are the Most Effective

Alexandrite lasers are the most-effective types of lasers for hair removal. YAG lasers are another option; however, they tend to not work as well as Alexandrite lasers and may require more sessions to achieve the desired results or may not achieve the desired results at all. Home laser systems do not contain lasers powerful enough for effective hair removal and are often very expensive for very little results.

Many Complications Are Caused by Inexperienced Staff

While laser hair removal is typically a very safe procedure, there are a few complications that can arise. Pigment changes in the skin, especially for darker skinned individuals, is temporary. Redness, swelling and even blistering are side effects that are often caused by inexperience. Laser hair removal is a medical procedure and should be performed only by accredited and trained medical staff.

Laser Hair Removal Can Save You a Lot of Money

Razors and shaving gel are expensive, and waxing treatments are even more costly. Staying hair-free can wreak havoc on your budget. While laser hair removal requires a larger upfront investment, it saves you money in the long run. You won’t have to keep stocking up on shaving supplies or going to get waxed every week or two. Over time, laser hair removal sessions pay for themselves, and the results tend to be much better.

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Now that you know the industry’s best-kept secrets, it’s time to find out if laser hair removal is right for you. When you choose a professional with experience who uses the right equipment and know what to expect, you can get the hair-free results you want. Contact us today at Vino Med Spa to book your appointment to discuss your options. Call now at (832) 478-8669.

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