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VINO MED SPA IS NOW OFFERING the MLS Laser Therapy treatment for alleviating both acute and chronic pain.

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    Why ZapNails

    Over the years, onychomycosis laser treatment patients have expressed a growing sense of frustration with the traditional practitioner business model, specifically:

    • the financial burden of paying "by the treatment"
    • failed improvement because of inconsistent treatments or poor treatment protocols

    ZapNails® addresses this by offering a personalized, all-inclusive plan for a flat, yearly fee. Our nail fungus treatment protocols are based on years of research by a leading, board certified Houston Podiatrist, who discovered a solution for “stalled results” by increasing the frequency of treatments to develop a personalized plan for each patient.


Benefits of ZapNails

Clinically Proven

ZapNails uses the clinically proven PinPointe™ FootLaser™ device for the treatment of Onychomycosis (nail fungus). Clinical studies show that after a single procedure, more than 80% of patients experienced sustained improvement in the appearance of clearer nails.

Fast Results

Topical treatments and oral medications can take months or years to show any improvement in nail fungus infections. With our nail fungus laser treatment, you'll see results after a single 30-minute session – with further improvement over time.

Totally Painless

Our Just Zap It™ treatment protocol requires no anesthesia. It's completely pain-free, as the laser targets only the problem area, leaving surrounding skin and tissue unharmed. And it has none of the risks associated with other options for treating nail fungus infections.

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Combining Medicine & Aesthetics

At Vino Med Spa, clients can luxuriate in an experience that truly makes a difference for the mind, body, and soul. Located just southwest of Houston, near River Oaks and Highland Village  the team welcomes new and existing clients to the clinic.  
The med spa’s board-certified director, Gabriel Maislos, DPM, FACFAS, is an expert in overall wellness and skin care. By collaborating with Houston’s finest aestheticians and beauty specialists, Dr. Maislos and his team offer the latest in aesthetic services.
Each practitioner is dedicated to creating a safe haven of tranquility, helping each client refocus stress and turn it into positive energy. The professional and experienced team at Vino Med Spa strives to provide the highest level of quality care, modern treatments, and sanitation standards.
Because the team believes that their guests are the most valuable asset to the med spa, they aim to provide tailored and compassionate care with every single service. While some of the most popular services include massage therapy, laser nail treatments, clinical-grade facials, and full-service nail treatments, the team believes that clients should be able to drift into serenity during any of their treatments. The team offers flexible scheduling and evening appointments for all services.

  Vino MedSpa Traditonal Nail Spas
 Air Purification System ✓ ✓
Worry Free Linen Management ✓ 
Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)  ✓ 
Pipe-Free Spa Chairs  ✓ 
Sanitation Station  ✓ ✓
Autoclave  ✓ ✓ 
Disposibles - Polish Brushes; Buffers; Files  ✓ 
Podiatrist Supervised  ✓ 

Vino Med Spa is unique and not like your traditional nail salon. Watch our Facebook Live video to learn how your traditional nail salon is unsafe.

Just Zap It™!

More than 80% of patients experienced sustained improvement in the appearance of clearer nails!

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safe effective affordable
  • Safe. Effective. Affordable.

    ZapNails – a pioneer in Houston laser nail fungus removal treatment – has developed a safe and proven treatment protocol that will help you see clear, healthy nails, personalized to your needs. After your evaluation with one of our certified professionals you will receive your personalized treatment plan which will include as many sessions as needed to provide the clear nails you are looking for!

    ZapNails eliminates all problem signs of nail fungus infection, including:

    • Dark and discolored
    • Malformed
    • Brittle and crumbly
    • Smelly
    • Painful

    Shown at right: PinPointe™ FootLaser™ system for laser toenail fungus treatment.

  • Laser Treatments

    IV Therapy

    Massage Therapy


Cutting Edge Nail Cure

Cutting Edge Nail Cure

New Treatment for Foot Fungus

New Treatment for Foot Fungus

ZapNails Laser Toenail Fungus Removal

ZapNails Laser Toenail Fungus Removal

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ZapNails on Fox26 for Health

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