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If your toenails are ugly, thickened, or discolored, you might have toenail fungus. Gabriel Maislos, DPM, FACFAS, is an experienced podiatrist at Vino Med Spa in Houston offering laser nail treatment — one of the most innovative treatments available for this challenging condition. To clear up your toenails and eliminate your fungal infection, call Vino Med Spa or schedule a laser nail treatment online with Dr. Maislos today.

Just Zap It! Q & A

What is nail fungus?

Toenail fungus, or onychomycosis, is caused by a fungal infection. Fungal organisms like yeast and mold cause this condition when they get in, under, or inside your toenail and multiply.

You can have toenail fungus on a single toenail or several toenails as well as your surrounding skin. Toenail fungal infections can be difficult to treat.

Why is nail fungus hard to treat?

Nail fungus can be challenging to treat because of the structure of your toenail.

While your toenail may look like a single layer, your nail’s surface is made from several layers of keratin protein. This surface is called your nail plate. When exposed to fungal organisms, they can penetrate deep inside these nail plate layers instead of sitting on top or beneath.

When your toenails have been exposed to nail fungus, the organisms can also spread to your nail matrix. This area of your toenail is responsible for make your nail plate.

When your nail matrix is infected, toenail fungus is even more difficult to treat because the cells producing your toenails are also affected. This means the fungal infection lives inside your toenail.

Dr. Maislos understands the challenges of treating toenail fungus effectively. At ZapNails, he uses PinPointe™ FootLaser® system to target the fungal organisms in the deepest layers of your nail tissue to kill your infection at its source.

How does laser nail therapy eliminate nail fungus?

Dr. Maislos can treat even the most severe toenail fungus infection using laser nail therapy.

PinPointe FootLaser uses targeted light energy delivered through your nail tissue and the surrounding skin to destroy fungal organisms. This innovative treatment is the first FDA-cleared laser therapy for fungal infections and provides clinically-proven results fast.

Additional benefits of PinPointe FootLaser therapy for nail fungus include:

  • Painless treatments
  • Unlimited and cost-effective treatment plans
  • No downtime side effects, risks, or downtime
  • Fast therapy sessions lasting 30 minutes or less
  • Sustained improvement with more than 70% of patients

During your appointment, Dr. Maislos conducts a physical examination and develops a customized laser nail therapy treatment plan designed to meet your individual needs. This personalized approach outlines the number of treatment sessions requires to help you obtain the beautiful, clear, and fungus-free nails you’ve been wanting.

Vino Med Spa nail technicians are trained in podiatric medicine and will recommend you to a podiatrist if needed.

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