Is Toenail Fungus Ruining Your Party?

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Women with toenail fungus often stop wearing open-toe shoes when they go to parties because they find it embarrassing. Toenail fungus sometimes hurts, and people usually have a hard time getting rid of it. The best solution is to take care of the problem rather than hide it with closed-toe shoes or toenail polish. While home remedies may work for some people, many cases of toenail fungus require a stronger treatment.

What Is Toenail Fungus?
Toenail fungus infection happens when tiny microscopic fungi enter your body through small cuts in your skin and make their home in your toenails. At first, you may not notice it. Soon you begin to see your nails change color. Over time, they start getting thicker and harder to cut. Additionally, the fungus can spread to the skin, causing a painful, inflamed infection. If you don’t seek help, your toes may become so painful that you cannot walk without limping.

Where Does Toenail Fungus Hide?
Fungus loves warm, dark, and damp places. It can hide inside shoes, on locker room floors, and in public pools. Avoid walking barefoot in places that may not be cleaned frequently. If you have diabetes, circulatory problems, or immune disorders, you may have a higher risk of getting a fungal infection. Everyone should watch out for fungus, but especially those who have increased health risks!

7 Easy Things You Can Do To Prevent Toenail Fungus

@ Wash your feet each day and dry them well.
@ Clip your nails straight across – not in a curved line
@ Change socks frequently if your feet sweat.
@ Air out your shoes well before putting them on again – at least 24 hours.
@ Have extra pairs of dry shoes ready to wear.
@ Wear flip flops when at the pool or the gym locker room.
@ Check your feet daily – especially if you have diabetes.

Where Do I Go For Toenail Fungus Treatment in Houston, TX?
You may have tried medications from the drug store that did nothing. Most medicines you buy from a store like CVS or Walmart do not help and end up wasting your money and time. Dr. Gabriel Maislos can prescribe medications to take by mouth or spread on your toenails to fight the toenail fungus infection. He can also help to treat the problem with laser treatment.

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