Vino Med Spa prides itself with being one of Houston's Cleanest and Safest Med Spas' in town. At Vino Med Spa, we have taken every precautionary measure to ensure our guest have the safest and most relaxing experience we can offer. Our goal is to provide proven medical aesthetic services without the concern of cross-contamination. Vino Med Spa is equipped with the latest technology, uses the highest level of sanitation standards and will continue to provide new and innovative ways to prove that. 

Air Purification System (make bold and underline) 
Vino Med Spa has taken the necessary steps to ensure your safety by a list of ways. We first started by installing a "Safe Salon" certified ventilation system through Aerovex systems. Aerovex allows proper ventilation throughout the spa to ensure a pleasant experience without any lingering odor that you would normally experience in a traditional nail salon setting. 

Worry Free Linen Management (make bold and underline) 
Vino Med Spa knows that linen management is especially important to guest safety. Clean and sanitized linens through Image First is the best way to prove that. Image First provides a Triple Bio-shield Protection Process, a infection prevention process that includes : 
*Dead on Contact - An advanced wash process that sanitizes linens killing 99.999% of common pathogens. 
*BacStat Bio-shield - A softener and protective coating applied to every product so bacteria can't spread. 
*Plastic Barrier - Linens are encased in a plastic barrier, creating another layer of protection before delivery to Vino Med Spa. 

Turbo UV Room Sanitizer - Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) (make bold and underline) 
The application of UVGI to disinfection has been an accepted practice since the mid-20th century. It has been used primarily in medical sanitation and sterile work facilities. Increasingly it has been employed to sterilize drinking and wastewater. In recent years UVGI has found renewed application in air & surface sanitation. UVGI is a powerful and prudent adjunct to manual disinfection. 

Pipe-Free Spa Chairs (make bold and underline) 
When a foot bath in pipe-less pedicure chairs is used up, skin oils, dead skin cells, and hair are left in the pedicure bowl. This makes the water unsanitary. So the bowl must be cleaned and sanitized between each use. In piped-in pedicure chairs, the pipes that carry water from the pedicure bowl, as well as from the water jets, also need to be cleaned periodically. This is considered messy and time-consuming process for many salons. Removing all traces of bacteria in the internal pipes is an impossible thing to do. Many salons don’t take them apart and clean them as thoroughly as their state boards require. Many manufacturers of pipe-less pedicure chairs claim that some salons do not perform this task properly. This leads to unsanitary conditions in pedicure treatment, and it causes pedicure infection. Pedicure infection has been a spreading disease due to unclean pedicure bowls. It’s not a state requirement to have pipe-less pedicure chairs, however, at Vino Med Spa it is a trend that is good for the health and safety of our spa guests. 

Sanitation Station with Autoclave & Disposable Implements (make bold and underline) 
All employees are required to follow step by step instructions when properly disinfecting & sanitizing implements. If we can't place it in the autoclave to disinfect, we throw it away! 
At Vino Med Spa we take every precaution to ensure your safety, as such, Vino Med Spa wants for each of our guests to feel the same. We will require all guest to be given a new disposable liner along with a new disposable brush for polish applications on each visit. 

Podiatrist Supervised (make bold and underline) 
All under the Supervision of an award winning leading podiatrist from Houston, Texas, What more can you ask for? Our goal at Vino Med Spa is for our guests to be swift away into a serenity without compromising health and safety.

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